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A fee may be assessed for transactions made at a network ATM.Terminal surcharges may also apply at ATMs not owned by Launch FCU.However, a fee disclosure must be displayed before completing any ATM transaction so you'll know exactly what you'll be charged.Many payment processors accept credit cards—and that’s it.

A: Your current card will still work safely and securely.We are proud to be a member of the Maine Cash Access ATM alliance.That means you can enjoy surcharge-free ATM transactions at any of the Maine Community Banks participating with over 200 statewide ATMs. As part of our commitment to protecting your financial information and to help reduce card-related fraud, we monitor your debit card usage for any unusual activity.You will receive an automated phone call if unusual activity is detected on your card.If you cannot be reached by phone and transactions are being questioned, your card may be temporarily blocked for your protection.Here is a quick 'How to' video on using a chip-enabled terminal Q: Do I need to set up a PIN? Retailers, who have not required PINs in the past, may require them now when running your debit card as a debit transaction. Q: How does a chip card work compared to my current card? If the retailer or merchant accepts chip cards, simply insert your card and wait until you are prompted to remove your card.


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