Infidelity and online dating american men dating chinese women

The below 10 tips will show you some ways to reduce the risk of online dating. Guard Your Identity: Don't use your real name on dating profiles, in chat rooms or while instant messaging. Some dating websites offer free in-house email accounts so you don't even need to give out your own email address to correspond. Choose a dating site with a long-term reputation like match or e-harmony. * Founder - highest trafficked abused women's message board on the net * Founder of Largest Online Database of Men in the World * Author of 'Sex, Lies and the Internet,' A Survival Guide to Online Dating Online dating expert on numerous talks shows and call-in radio shows - Author of over 50 articles on online dating and relationships * Author of 22 dating and relationship quizzes * Internet Polling Expert on relationship and dating issues, surveying over 350,000 women in on-line polls * Creator of 9 women's comedy cartoon e-cards, including one claymation * Creator of 6 women's online games, one arcade quality Ms.

Cheating is a hot topic on online dating sites, which discuss fidelity and offer tips for clarifying what is and isn't expected in a relationship.

Registered members share their experiences through open communications.

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