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Garda Faulkner said the girl was subscribed to the under-17s category of the website.

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Immigrant Council chief executive Denise Charlton said criminalising sex buyers is the best way to prevent exploitation and the trafficking of girls and women.There is no precise figure for the numbers trafficked into Ireland, but it is believed there are more than 100 such girls and women in the country.The research was the focus of discussions at an international conference yesterday at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.A UK lotto millionaire has been accused of travelling to Ireland and having sex with an underage girl he met through an internet chat-room.The businessman was arrested in Dublin at the weekend after he travelled to the Irish capital by ferry to speak to the teen’s mother.Roughly half the punters confirmed they had bought sex in Ireland, 12 said they had not, and the remaining 19 did not answer the question.


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