Playstation sex chat

Come on Sony show us your real skills and stop been lazy with this app!Until then I give this app 0 out of 5 stars, not worth the download time.This is in no way confirmation of video chat functionality and how it will look on PS4.However, Sony hopes to have video chat on PS4 in Q2 2015 through an app called oo Voo, according to a CES 2015 interview with oo Voo Vice President Brian Liebler, which was posted on You Tube by user Samuelteh G33k.And innovative this app isn't, Sony could do so much more with this app to partner with our PS 4 consoles but they haven't.Yes Sony and Apple are competitors to each other but that isn't a good enough excuse for Sony to make a app which is as cheap has a package of chips.

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Oovoo on the PS4 would function similarly to Microsoft’s Skype on Xbox One.

Liebler also says the company would like to implement a streaming feature, allowing two users to view the content at the same time while video chatting.

A scene from Powers shows a male character playing a Play Station 4.

A screenshot from the scene, as seen below, shows a female character using the name Chaotic Chick in a video chat box on the same screen as an Infamous: Second Son clone which is being played by the character in the show.


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