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As women we are socialized to be the objects of desire not the owners of desire.

We grow up thinking that sex is something that happens to us, not something we make happen.

The resulting end of his relationship with official partner Valerie Trierweiler (nicknamed the rottweiler) did at least mean the short, bespectacled Mr Hollande dared appoint to his cabinet Ségolène Royal, the mother of his four children, whom he had left for Mme Trierweiler.

And yet the French nicknamed him Monsieur Normal – probably fairly, because Hollande’s reputation as a ladies man is nothing compared to that of Valerie Giscard d’Estaing, who shortly after being elected in 1974 was involved in a dawn collision with a milk float while driving home a woman who wasn’t his wife.

They rarely, if ever, hugged in front of me, and if ever the subject did come up they zipped their mouths.

It’s true, my mother did thrust a booklet into my hands when I was about 12 which started: ‘The body is built of little bricks, called cells.’ There was a brief page on reproduction which referred to seeds – which I’d only ever seen in small paper packets named Carters – and that was about it.

And the amount that these females pay you will starts from 40k up to 3 Lakhs(As per female interest).

Wanting confirms our love and reveals our vulnerability to our primitive bond with each other.

For many men, sex IS love, sex IS connection and a woman’s sexual initiation, compliments, and “winks across the party” offer deep feelings of both excitement and security.

We may struggle to reveal our erotic imagination lest we raise suspicion or resentment (for not saying so sooner! Childhood training and adult anxiety leave us weak in reaching out in this powerful way to reassure our partner of our commitment to him.

A commitment to grow strong in our erotic core, fulfills our pledge of fidelity – away from others.. It’s ever so slightly different but there’s almost a spiritual difference.


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